Demi Moore reveals the heart-breaking reason she has no front teeth!

Did you know that Demi Moore is actually missing her two front teeth?

Hard to imagine when you see her perfect Hollywood smile, but it’s true!

The 54-year-old actress can be thankful for the wonderful advancement of dentistry that allows her to keep her secret, well – a secret.

Except her secret was well and truly exposed when she herself sent NBC’s The Tonight Show a picture of her natural smile – and you’ll never believe the reason behind it…

“I sheared off my front teeth,” she told Jimmy Fallon.

“I’d love to say it was skateboarding or something really kind of cool, but I think I think it’s something that’s important to share, because I think it’s literally, probably after heart disease, one of the biggest killers in in America, which is stress.

“Stress sheared off my front teeth. But, in an effort to get ready for you, I wanted to make sure my teeth were in.

“They love seeing me without my teeth,” she said in reference to her children. “Because they think it makes me look more vulnerable and more human.

“Thank God for modern dentistry. All of you who go out and practice modern dentistry—thank God!”

We were kind of hoping that it would be a funny anecdote, but we feel like we just want to give Demi a giant hug. No one should be THAT stressed!

We love you, Demi Moore!