“Disgusting lies” – Robin Antin hits back at Pussycat Dolls “prostitution ring” claims

It’s obvious that the Harvey Weinstein sexual allegations are encouraging people to speak out about similar situations.

Many A-listers opened up about their own experiences with the disgraced producer, and others – Blake Lively, for example – told of other sexual harassment in the workplace incidents.

Ex-Pussycat Doll Kaya Jones, falls into the second category…

At the end of last week, Kaya Jones took to Twitter and alleged that members of the PCD were part of a “prostitution ring” and had to sleep with various men in order to be part of the band.

“I wasn’t in a girl group. I was in a prostitution ring”

“My truth. I wasn’t in a girl group. I was in a prostitution ring. Oh & we happened to sing & be famous. While everyone who owned us made the $,” she wrote on Twitter.

“To be a part of the team you must be a team player. Meaning sleep with whoever they say,” she continued.

“If you don’t they have nothing on you to leverage…Yes I said leverage. Meaning after they turn you out or get you hooked on drugs they use it against you. Correct. Victimizing the victim again.”

These very serious allegations haven’t been taken lightly by PCD founder Robin Antin (pictured), who insists that there is no truth in any of Kaya’s Tweets.

She told The Blast that she was shocked by the allegations, and insisted that they are nothing more than “disgusting, ridiculous lies.”

She also added that Kaya Jones is just “clearly looking for her 15 minutes.”

No one else has commented further, but according to sources, a lawyer has been contacted and is drafting a legal letter warning Kaya Jones to stop “spreading lies” otherwise she will have to face “legal consequences”.

We assume this story will develop, so watch this space for more details.