Drake Denies Discriminating Muslim Fan at Concert


The famous rapper is currently on his Boy Meets World Tour in Europe. During one of his shows in London, he was accused of disrespecting a Muslim woman. A clip from his concert recently went viral. In the clip, the rapper can be heard saying: “I see you four girls right there, I hope you’re having a good time. You got on that hot ass scarf right there, you might want to take this off…you don’t have to come out with that sh*t.”

Although the female fans aren’t shown in the video, many people were outraged when they saw the video, as they thought that the famous rapper was telling a Muslim woman to remove her hijab. Drake quickly decided to explain the whole situation on Instagram, claiming that the woman was simply wearing a winter scarf, and not a hijab.

“I make a point every night to end my shows on tones of unity and love so, to find out that I am being utilized in a fake media story about me disrespecting Muslims is devastating to me. At my show in the 02 in London I was talking to 4 women one of whom was wearing a jacket and a winter scarf, I made a comment about taking off the scarf because I enjoy friendly banter with the fans,” the rapper wrote on Instagram.

“I am well aware of what a hijab is and I would never make a disrespectful comment like that in my life towards someone who is wearing one. I am proud that my closest friends and fans come from all different religions and races, perhaps whoever made up this story should spend more time learning about other cultures and less time trying to divide us,” Drake said in his statement.