Drake Has Met Jennifer Lopez’s Kids, Relationship Getting Serious

drake jennifer lopez

According to multiple sources close to Us Weekly, famous rapper Drake has met Jennifer’s 8-year-old twins. One of the sources noted that Drake has been to Lopez’s new Bel Air house multiple times and is currently getting to know her kids. The kids are reportedly enjoying Drake’s presence in their home. The insider noted that the twins really like him and are big fans of his music.

The source also said that Drake loves spending time at Jennifer’s house. “When he goes to her house, they get away from work and just chill on the couch, make dinner and watch movies,” noted the source.

According to one of Drake’s pals, J. Lo was the rapper’s childhood crush, which would explain why this relationship has gotten serious relatively fast. Back in December, Drake showed how much he liked Lopez by renting out a church in Los Angeles and transforming it into a winter wonderland where he held a prom-like party. He did this after finding out that Jennifer never attended her prom growing up.

Despite fans initially believing that this relationship was revealed to the public in order to promote an upcoming collaboration between them, it now seems that their romance is the real deal.