Take two: Moonlight wins Best Picture in biggest Oscar disaster in history, after Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty flub winner.

The couple of actors which can be best described as Bonnie and Clyde had already announced La La Land as getting the best picture award, but guess what: they were wrong.

After mistakenly announcing La La Land, a producer for the respective movie stepped in and corrected the mistake saying that actually Moonlight is the winner and this is not a joke.

The massive screw up at the end of the Oscars tonight freaked out a lot of people while the audience was simply stunned. Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty’s snafu was the worst in Oscar history by a long shot.

Consider this: La La Land’s entire cast and crew was already on stage for accepting the Best Movie award. The folks inside the Dolby Theatre were actually suspecting that the happening was a stunt of sorts.

Fortunately, the La La Land producer break in and announced:

“This is not a joke. ‘Moonlight’ has won best picture. ‘Moonlight,’ best picture.”

That was one of the most bizarre things I’ve seen. Warren Beatty said the card said La La Land and Emma Stone. But that was the winner of the PREVIOUS award.

How could a duplicate card be in that sealed envelope? Then he showed the correct card which said Moonlight. You’d think it’s a very simple process of putting a card into an envelope. Someone is going to lose a job.

No doubt they will make a movie about this. They will call it “Envelope”. And it will be mistakenly announced as Best Picture next year.

As per this writer’s opinion, I’m blaming Trump. Rigged votes. Russian hackers.