Fans are confused by Brooklyn Beckham’s controversial new tattoo

It’s clear to see that David and Victoria Beckham’s eldest son – who is definitely not dating Madison Beer, may we clarify – has caught the tattoo bug.

But his latest inking has caused a lot of people to scratch their heads in confusion. And here’s why…

BB’s latest tattoo is on his foot – so far, so good – but it’s what it actually says that is causing the controversy.

The tattoo says “Made in England” which is a fine choice for Brits born and bred in Blighty, but perhaps quite a confusing one for someone named Brooklyn.

Especially as it’s thought that, despite being born in London, he might have actually been conceived in New York…

Naturally, it’s caused quite the frenzy on social media! Here are a few of our favourite Twitter reactions:

@hannahughes Isn’t Brooklyn Beckham named after the place he was concieved? His new ‘Made in England’ tattoo is entertaining me more than it ought to.

@James_Buckley Brooklyn Beckham has a made in England tattoo. Brooklyn Beckham … BROOKLYN …. BRRRRRROOOOOOOOKLYYYYN


@adeelamini Does someone want to tell Brooklyn Beckham that his new “Made in England” tattoo is maybe at odds with his first name

@charvictoriia Brooklyn Beckham has got a ‘made in England’ tattoo.. I thought he was called Brooklyn because he was conceived there?

@jeffmaysh Do we need to fact-check Brooklyn Beckham’s tattoo?

We wonder if Brooklyn will publically address this controversial inking…