First Doll Brothel Opened in Barcelona

If you were wondering what will “they” come up with next, well folks, this time it’s getting really weird: a new high-tech virtual brothel has opened in Barcelona-Spain.

But this is not your regular “$5 me love you long time GI Joe” establishment. This post-modernist distopic trans-human brothel will offer its (presumably) male clients the opportunity to engage in fornication related activities with non-human partners.

Yes, you’ll pay money for humping dolls. However, these are not your regular a dime a dozen sex dolls, but hyper realistic uber sexy silicon made-Silicon Valley powered state of the art sex dolls, alright?

And as long as your fantasies involve boning Androids, or almost (these things are not yet boasting AI cognitive abilities), well, Barcelona should be on your bucket list the next time you intend to travel to Europe.

This futuristic brothel runs under the Lumidolls moniker and it claims to be the first establishment of its kind in the EU, operating from an apartment building in Barcelona, down-town obviously. Lumidollls sells hour long sessions, during which you can…well, you can play with (yourself) any of the 4 different dolls in unnatural ways for just 80 euros a pop (that’s about 90 dollars in real money).

The dolls are hand-made/individually crafted from a cool sounding thermoplastic elastomer, so they resemble human flesh, which is as creepy as it gets. If you want to know literally juicy details, well, the hyper realistic sex dolls are just like a bowling ball, i.e. they have 3 orifices each for your…playing pleasure.

They also have flexible limbs and I don’t even want to go there, as they’re said to have been already proven in combat in Japan and China with outstanding results, and believe me, those people are really kinky.


Racially, Lumidolls are pretty cool, as you can go for Lili the Asian, a blonde with Big Boobs named Katy, a black doll named Leiza or the Anime related Aki, with blue hair.

Good luck, have fun, and when you get back, drop us a line, will you?