First Suspect in Kim Kardashian’s Paris Robbery Charged

kim kardashian paris robbery

Earlier this week, the French police made 17 arrests in an attempt to find the culprits responsible for Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery. The robbery took place on October 2nd, in a private residence where the reality star was staying. Although Kim was physically unharmed, she was really shaken up by this terrifying experience. The robbers took off with $10 million in jewelry.

Although people were initially unsure whether any of the 17 men that were arrested were actually going to get charged, it was now revealed that the suspects are beginning to admit their involvement. The police started confronting the suspects with DNA and video evidence, which is what got the culprits talking.

The man that was charged today was identified as Yunice A., and he is said to have preliminary counts in kidnapping and armed robbery in an organized gang. A source told UK’s mirror that “The CCTV is of very poor quality, but body shapes can still be matched up. The telephone evidence is strong, as is the DNA. When faced with this kind of evidence, it is very hard for suspects to say they were not present.”

It’s also worth noting that the police already released seven men that they previously arrested, after they learned that they had no involvement in the robbery. One of the people that were released include Kim’s chauffeur during the night of the attack.

Kim is currently making the trip to lead a makeup tutorial course in Dubai, and is reportedly very excited to spend some time with her fans, after being out of the spotlight for three months.