‘For all the immigrants!’: First Oscar win for a Muslim

Everyone knows that Oscars are politically biased and today politics took center stage again at the Academy Awards, to no one’s surprise. However, this time the Oscars marked a few premiers, which is rather unusual.

Truth be told, I would have expected for the Oscars to be cancelled this year, considering all the movie stars promising to move to Canada or wherever after Trump’s victory.

First, the illustrious unknown Alessandro Bertolazzi (the guy in the middle of the photo), who is a mystery for the 99.99% outside the film industry became the first Oscar winner to talk about the tense issues in the United States, dedicating his win to, let me quote the man himself: “all the immigrants”.

Well, this type of virtue signaling is rather common among progressive liberals and social justice warriors, we’ve seen it before times and times again and it’s hardly a surprise.

Moreover, even if Alessandro Bertolazzi managed to exit from the shadow of anonymity with his politically charged statement,he wasn’t the last to play the political card during the Oscar ceremonies.

Oscar host Jimmy Kimmel started his shtick by saying that the Oscars are now broadcast all around the planet to 220 countries that now hate us, end quote. Obviously, he was making reference to America voting for The Donald, and that was a cheap shot if it ever was one.

He also joked (sort of) that Hollywood doesn’t discriminate over one’s country of origin, but on age and weight, which is funny because it’s true, though discrimination is discrimination is…you know the  politically correct drill.

Getting back to the title of the article, before  Alessandro Bertolazzi stole the show playing the virtue signalling card, Mahershala Ali became the first Muslim in history to get the Oscar for his role in the movie Moonlight for best supporting actor.

Interestingly enough, Mahershala Ali did not engage in political activism during his acceptance speech, but he thanked his co-stars, the movie producers and his wife.

The Salesman, a movie directed by an Iranian filmmaker, received the Academy Award for the best foreign language film, yet Asghar Farhadi boycotted the ceremony, as the filmmaker chose to protest President Trump’s executive order with regard to imposing a travel ban on 7 countries and halting the refugee admission program in the United States.

Source: Bradenton

Photo Credit: . Jordan Strauss Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP