Georgina Chapman could get $12Million in Harvey Weinstein divorce!

Georgina Chapman has been keeping a low profile for obvious reasons for the past few months, but details of her and Harvey Weinstein’s pending divorce are grabbing the headlines right now.

Georgina Chapman announced she was leaving Harvey Weinstein on October 10 following several allegations of sexual misconduct.

“My heart breaks for all the women who have suffered,” she said in a statement to People at the time.

According to the prenuptial agreement obtained by TMZ earlier this week, Harvey Weinstein’s estranged wife could be looking at an eye-watering $12Million in spousal support once the divorce is finalised.

It’s believed that she could be awarded $400,000 annually for every year of marriage after reaching ten years or marriage – interestingly, something which they reached just last week. The amount could increase to $1 million annually after 11 years of marriage…

The pre-nup also states that she could get $250,000 a year for the first five years of marriage, and $700,000 per year for the next five.

And that’s not all, as she could also receive $25,000 “housing allowance” for every month of marriage, with a $3 million cut-off after 120 months.

And let’s not forget that Georgina Chapman herself is already worth $20Million, largely thanks to her and Keren Craig’s Marchesa clothing line, so it looks like she will have no problem making a new and extremely comfortable life for herself and her two children.