Gigi Hadid Goes Complete Naked For Versace Shoot: Find Out More About The Supermodel

The news that Gigi Hadid goes complete naked for Versace shoot has stormed the airwaves like an unexpected thunder. However, it may not also have been a surprise to many given that she is an internationally celebrated model who is largely sort after and does not disappoint.  The stunning shots depict the model lounging on a bed and in a luxurious position. She is wearing nothing other than just a pair of heels and instead her modesty is all covered in Versace-print silk sheets and a large black Versace handbag.

It is not the first time that the Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards is stripping. Recently, she did the same for the Stuart Weitzman Spring 2017 campaign.  Nonetheless, in this particular one, the shots revealed her supermodel figure as she lies among the upholstery with her make-up typically flawless from her lips to her dark blonde tresses.

Gigi Hadid goes complete naked for Versace shoot: She looks completely relaxed

Unlike what many would expect Gigi Hadid goes complete naked for Versace shoot with so much confidence. The 21-year-old comfortably exposes her nudity while gazing into the distance without a blink of an eye but while shielding her bare breasts. In another shot, wrapped in a large black leather jacket, which is nevertheless left loose around her frame, she is seen sitting on the bed while holding the bag up to show off its design. Meanwhile, her fingers are in an elaborate gold medallion rings for that additional injection of decadence.

However, there are other ensembles for the Versace winter 2016 ads that she is all covered up. At some point, Victoria’s Secret star poses in a white, light yellow, baby blue, and rosy pink design dress.

But the collaboration between Gigi and Versace comes as no shock

It is not a surprise that the supermodel is showing off her incredibly stunning figure. The fact that she is working with Versace is also not a shocker given that Gigi accompanied the fashion house’s President, Donatella Versace, as her date to the Fashion Awards.

Earlier in the year, she had also been enlisted to help in the promotion of Versace’s Autumn campaign. Apparently, posing nude is nothing new for Gigi. Before the current news that Gigi Hadid goes complete naked for Versace shoot, she has previously posed for famous photographer Mario Testino alongside LIly Aldridge and Joan Smalls.