Gillian Anderson Shares Details About Her Mental Health Struggles

gillian anderson

In a recent interview with The Guardian, the famous actress decided to open up about her private mental health challenges. Although she kept details about her personal struggles a secret up to this point, she decided to share more information in order to help other women.

In the interview, the X-Files star notes that “there were times when it was really bad.” For example, she says that there were even times when she didn’t want to leave her house. Gillian revealed that she has been in therapy since she turned 14 and that she dealt with drug problems during and after her teenage years.

“I have struggled with self-esteem myself and in looking at the ways that I have dealt with overcoming those things, I started to think that maybe some of it might be potentially useful for other people of all ages,” Anderson said. The actress revealed that meditation and therapy have helped her overcome her problems and find her inner joy.

“The things that we might be critical of ourselves about actually don’t matter. The only thing that really matters in terms of our peace of mind is our peace of mind itself, and how we react to things. All I know is that when I meditate, one goes beyond the physical, and it is possible to tap into a sense of absolute contentment and joy in that place,” Gillian noted.