Harvey Weinstein “in denial” over his future in Hollywood: “He has an enormous ego and plans to come back”

Despite countless actresses coming forward with their disturbing accounts of being sexually assaulted by him, and as a result, being fired from his own production company and removed from both BAFTA and Oscars boards, Harvey Weinstein is reportedly convinced that he can recover his career in Hollywood.

Sources close to the disgraced producer – who has also been left by his wife, Georgina Chapman – explained to E! News that he is receiving some sort of treatment in Arizona via an inpatient treatment program.

He has yet to formally comment on all the allegations, and has yet to enter an official rehabilitation centre.

“Harvey is not in any type of traditional or formal rehab,” an insider told E! News.

“He is receiving some type of treatment and counseling in Arizona.

“He is still figuring out his next move, but would like to stay in the business. He loves making movies and is convinced he will find people that will work with him.”

This statement makes us believe that he is in denial, as celebs including Channing Tatum and Kevin Smith, have pulled the plug on upcoming projects with The Weinstein Company.

“The reality of what’s happening still hasn’t set in,” the source continued.

“He has an enormous ego and plans to come back and do what he does best. He really thinks he will be able to put this behind him and move on.”

We wonder when the reality will officially sink in…