Harvey Weinstein is working on his “most challenging film yet” – his own documentary about his life!

According to reports, Harvey Weinstein is currently planning his own documentary about his life, but whether this gets the green light or not remains to be seen.

This is a separate documentary to the one the BBC announced it would be making a few months ago.

According to The New York Times, the disgraced producer is aware that the documentary will be his “most challenging film yet”, but he hopes it will “pave the way for a comeback”.

Although a representative for Harvey Weinstein claims that a “long list” of producers want to work with him on the project, so far it’s looking like “no one will even touch it”.

We have no idea what will actually be covered in the documentary, and how the sexual abuse that over 80 women have accused him of will feature, considering he still denies all accounts of non-consensual sex.

We aren’t entirely convinced this documentary will make it to screens, but if it does, we would be lying if we said we wouldn’t be intrigued by it…