Harvey Weinstein reportedly hired spies and military personnel to keep tabs on his accusers

If we are to believe the latest reports, Harvey Weinstein apparently went to great lengths to keep his sexual misconduct a secret.

The disgraced producer reportedly hired professional spies and military personnel to keep tabs on some of the people who he thought might accuse him of sexual misconduct, including the women he harassed and even journalists who might take things further and expose him.

The New Yorker reports that some of the professionals Weinstein hired met with actress Rose McGowan – who last month accused him of raping her – on at least four separate occasions to obtain information on her and whether she was likely to come forward with sexual assault allegations.

Rose McGowan revealed that she met with a woman called Diana Filip a few times last year, supposedly to discuss her giving a speech at a gala for women’s rights. Little did the actress know that Diana Flip used to be an officer in the Israeli Defence Forces, and was working for Black Cube, an agency run by former Israeli intelligence agencies.

Another one of Weinstein’s spies reportedly used a fake ID to meet with a journalist while claiming to have an accusation against him, so that they could find out who had already come forward.

You can read the full report in The New Yorker.

A spokesperson for Harvey Weinstein has called the entire report “fiction”…