Harvey Weinstein stripped of BFI Fellowship honour for “appalling conduct”

As well as being removed from the BAFTA and Academy Award boards, Harvey Weinstein has now been stripped of his BFI Fellowship honour which he was awarded back in 2002.

“The serious and widespread allegations about Harvey Weinstein’s appalling conduct are in direct opposition to the BFI’s values,” read a statement from the British Film Industry.

“Sexual harassment, abuse and bullying is unacceptable under any circumstances.

“Everyone working in the film industry – in any industry – should be safe and respected in the workplace.

“We wholeheartedly support those brave enough to come forward and speak out. The film industry needs more women represented on every level, on and off screen.”

We’re also starting to understand why men and women in Hollywood stayed quiet for as long as they did.

It was just revealed that British actor Robert Lindsay claimed he was instantly fired from Oscar-winning film, Shakespeare in Love after trying to stop Harvey Weinstein from making advances on Molly Ringwald.

“I confronted him he basically halted my film career,” Robert Lindsay said.

“When I confronted him little did I know the impact on my career.

“Having been cast in Shakespeare In Love he told the director NO Lindsay.”

Who else will come forward, we wonder…