“I apologise unreservedly” – JK Rowling sorry for accusing Trump of ignoring disabled child

JK Rowling is known for her frank, honest and extremely opinionated Twitter statuses.

Most of them are met with praise, especially when she trolls hated media figures (yes Piers Morgan, we’re looking at you), but her latest Tweet was met with a tiny bit of controversy. Mainly because it seems like she got the wrong end of the stick…

It all began after a video clip appeared online and seemed to show Donald Trump ignoring a disabled young child called Monty, after his offer of a handshake appeared to be refused.

“How stunning, and how horrible, that Trump cannot bring himself to shake the hand of a small boy who only wanted to touch the president,” the Harry Potter author wrote on Twitter.

However, Monty’s mother Marjorie Kelly Weer wanted to set the record straight with the author, and the rest of the world.

She reached out to Ms Rowling on Facebook and insisted that the pair did actually shake hands, but it just wasn’t shown on video. Simple as that!

Naturally, JK Rowling did the right thing and apologised for the misconception…

“Re: my tweets about the small boy in a wheelchair whose proffered hand the president appeared to ignore in press footage, sources have informed me that that was not a full or accurate representation of their interaction,” she Tweeted.

“I very clearly projected my own sensitivities around the issue of disabled people being overlooked or ignored onto the images I saw and if that caused any distress to that boy or his family, I apologise unreservedly.

“These tweets will remain, but I will delete the previous ones on the subject.”

Good on you, JK Rowling. Especially since we know she isn’t Donald Trump’s biggest fan…