Irina Shayk shares controversial post-baby pic on Instagram

It’s only been a few weeks since Irina Shayk gave birth to her and Bradley Cooper’s gorgeous little girl, but it looks like she has already got her enviable body back.

No hint of a post baby belly whatsoever!

The Victoria’s Secret Angel flaunted her flawless post-pregnancy body in a picture of herself lying on an inflatable lip-shaped float in the pool.

She may have been extremely pleased with her body… but social media, as it turns out, didn’t feel quite the same way.

Although there were more than a handful of positive comments about her body on her Instagram, where she posted the picture, a lot of users shamed her for promoting an unrealistic body image so soon after giving birth.

Some of the negative comments included:

“How can be it possible just after delivering baby?”

“The body needs time to recover! It is not healthy to lose weight so quickly!”

“I mean it’s impossible even for her to look like this after 3 weeks. I love her, but this has to be an old pic.”

“She gave birth exactly a month ago… Are we joking?”

“Dude you just gave birth are you kidding me! This isn’t even real.”

Many users also came to her defence, referencing their own post-pregnancy bodies as examples…

“It is possible to look like this after birth,” said @poestryisgoodnutrition.

“The day I gave birth, I left the hospital with nearly a flat stomach. Within a week, my abs were visible and it looked as if I never had the baby at all.

“For those who say only people in Hollywood can do this, that’s a straight up lie…you can be healthy and fit during and after pregnancy without needing a superstar’s salary.”

We would be interested to hear Irina’s side of the story. Were they old pictures? Has she been working out like crazy and starving herself? Or does she have incredible, supermodel-worthy genes?

What are your thoughts?