Is Jennifer Aniston pregnant?

Hold up – is Jennifer Aniston pregnant?

If we are to believe Kathy Hilton (the mother of Paris Hilton – a random source, we know) then not only is Jennifer Aniston pregnant, but the sex of the baby has been revealed too.

So, according to Kathy Hilton, Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston are expecting a baby… girl!

“Jennifer Aniston looks so beautiful tonight I am telling you she is having a baby girl. 100 percent,” Kathy Hilton wrote in a since deleted status on Twitter.

Kathy Hilton was of course referring to Jennifer Aniston’s appearance at Sunday night’s Oscars, although we have no idea where the idea of pregnancy came from or who her sources are.

We don’t know about you, but we certainly didn’t get a pregnant vibe while staring at Jen-An in her plunging, skin-tight dress with a dangerously thigh high slit.

So, how true are these rumours? Not true at all, according to the actress’s publicist…

“Jennifer is not pregnant nor does she know Kathy Hilton,” Jennifer’s publicist Stephen Huvane told

So there you have it. We wonder where Kathy Hilton got her information from…