ISIS Launches Puppy Bomber With Suicide Belt (video)

Just when I’ve thought I’ve seen them all, the creeps from ISIS (the terrorist organization of choice for all respectable muslims from western Europe) reached a new low, as per the video below showcasing the latest weapon in their paraphernalia: the jihadi pupper-bomber, featuring a custom made suicide belt.

Yes, this is not a joke folks, or at least this is how muslims perceive jokes in their quest for conquering the kuffar’s hearts and minds. The next question is, where on Earth is PETA?

Disturbing new footage just surfaced online showcasing 3 weirdos gathered around a puny dog wearing a suicide vest. Even if we’re not 100% sure about the authenticity of the video as yours truly doesn’t speak Arabic nor Farsi, these jihadis fighting against the Islamic State (ISIS) seem dead serious. If that’s a prank, kudos to them, they deserve an Academy Award for best costumes:

This creepy video was uploaded by fighters pertaining to the  Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units, also known as Al-Hashd Al-Sha’abi. If you’re wondering what on Earth I am blathering about, what we’re dealing with here is a militia of sorts fighting against ISIS and the dog was used against them, but it apparently failed to detonate due to ISIS’s incompetence (as in poor engineering skills) or something along these lines.

According to these brave warriors, if detonated, the pupper strapped to 4 bottles presumably filled with explosives and shrapnel could have killed 3-4 people just as easy as eating a kebab after a hard day fighting in the global jihad.

Obviously, the explosives are detonated by remote control and today’s episode shows us how ISIS terrorists really have no morals. I mean, it’s OK to decapitate people, drown’em in cages, burn them on stake and so on and so forth, but common, killing puppers? This calls for a crusade.

Source: Express