“It’s a shame that still exists” – John Legend on that racist pap attack

 Last week, we told you about the horrific racial attack Chrissy Teigen faced as she and husband John Legend arrived at New York’s JFK airport.

Chrissy remarkably managed to keep her cool throughout the ordeal, before taking to Twitter to talk about the incident with over three million of her follows.

John Legend hasn’t really said much about it since, but has finally opened up about it…

“We were right next to each other and we looked at each other like, ‘Did he really just say that?’ And he really said it. He basically called me a monkey,” the 38-year-old musician said.

“Black folks have had to deal with being called monkeys for a long time and dehumanisation has always been a method of racism and subjugation of black people. That’s just part of American history and it’s part of the present, apparently.

“We saw it with the former president, Obama, whenever people wanted to discount him or discount his wife, they compared them to apes. And we’ve seen that frequently.

“You know, I’m not hurt by someone saying that to me because I’m smarter, I’m stronger. I look down on that person that would say something like that, but it’s a shame that still exists.”

We’re glad to hear that he wasn’t hurt by the comments, but we’re also in disbelief, and distraught to hear that this kind of thing still happens.

Will it get better now that Donald Trump is President of the USA? We highly doubt it, but we’re forever optimistic…