Ivanka Trump under fire for using “low paid foreign workers” for her clothing line

Ivanka Trump is in trouble yet again – this time due to an investigation by the Washington Post which unveiled a series of unethical and hypocritical work practices.

The First Daughter has been criticised for reportedly importing a large selection of stock for her clothing line from Bangladesh, Vietnam, Ethiopia and Indonesia.

Not only does this go against her father Donald Trump’s wishes to stop outsourcing to poorer countries and to, instead, keep manufacturing in America, (“buy American, hire American” – remember?) but it’s also been reported that many of the workers are overworked, underpaid, and possibly breaking several workers’ rights codes too. ..

An example of this is to look at a pair of jeans that are sold in Ivanka Trump’s clothing line. One pair of jeans retails for $89, but the workers in Bangladesh earn just $70 a month for their labour.

And another example which was uncovered in the Washington Post investigation was that buyers had no idea where the clothes are coming from or how they are made, because the clothing line has “no intention” of publishing the details of the factories where the clothes are made.

Although Ivanka herself is no longer in charge of the clothing line due to her full time positon at The White House, she does still own it, which means she still has a lot of say in how it is run.

During the Washington Post’s investigation, a top executive assured them that Ivanka’s clothing line prohibits child workers and physical abuse, and that it operated “at the highest standards”.

“The mission of this brand has always been to inspire and empower women to create the lives they want to live and give them tools to do that,” said top executive Abigail Klem.

“We’re looking to ensure that we can sort of live this mission from top to bottom with our licensees, with our supply chain.”

Perhaps the biggest thing to take away from this is that Ivanka’s company allegedly wants to consider producing some of the items in the USA, but to quote Abigail Klem, “to do it at a large scale is currently not possible.”

Hhmm… Do you think Ivanka Trump’s clothing line should stop exploiting workers in poorer countries and obey her father’s wishes to keep manufacturing in America?