J Crew forced to apologise for black model’s hairstyle in its latest ad

J Crew has been forced to apologise, after receiving backlash for the sloppy way it styled a black model’s hair on its latest advert.

Social media users voiced their disgust that the brand failed to hire someone who could style black hair.

Here are just some of the disgruntled and disapproving Tweets:


*ABOUT TO GO AWF* @jcrew Why do you have these black models on here looking like they have been fighting for sunflower seeds and rain water? Are y’all wanting to become the new @Dove ? #JesusBeANonOffensiveAd #JesusBeAGoodHairstylist #JesusBeABetterChoice #dove #melaninmatters


ole girl in that J. Crew ad wasn’t a “messy bun” that was just pure neglect


Black hair is not that hard to style. Whoever was in charge of hair and makeup truly didn’t give a damn about her even being featured. They didn’t even try. I see no product or moisture in her hair. I even see a spot of lint. OUTTA LINE


So apparently that J.Crew model was supposed to have a “messy bun” look

Not everyone found the ad offensive though – with some social media users finding the fact that people were offended with the hairstyle offensive in its own right. Have we lost you?


It’s such a shame that non-black girls can wear their hair any way they want and no one bats an eyelid; but a black girl has hair sticking out her ponytail and suddenly it’s the end of the world


J Crew is actually known for models with tousled hair. Many of their models get that undone hair look

Either way, J Crew issued a statement via Twitter to try and diffuse the situation…

“J.Crew strives to represent every race, gender, and background,” the brand wrote on Twitter.

“We sincerely apologise for the styling of this model and the offence that was caused.

“We assure you that we are taking steps to address it, and to prevent this from happening again.”

We definitely can see both sides here. Whose side are you on?