Jennifer Lopez Just “Having Fun” with Drake, Relationship Not that Serious

drake jennifer lopez

During the last several days, there have been rumors suggesting that Drake and Jennifer have started dating. This was somewhat confirmed during a party called the Winter WonderLand Prom, which took place in Vegas this Thursday. At the party, they were seen dancing together and even kissing, while some fresh music from both of them was playing in the background.

Considering that one of the songs contained both Jennifer’s and Drake’s vocals, it’s safe to assume that we will soon hear one or even more collaborations from the two artists.

Certain people believed that this relationship was simply a professional ploy to build hype around their upcoming music, while others thought that Drake and JLo would become Hollywood’s next big power couple. However, according to a source for E! News, it looks like neither of those scenarios is true.

Instead, the source notes that Jennifer is simply “having fun” with the famous rapper and doesn’t plan on getting into a serious relationship with him. The source also notes that Lopez and her ex, Casper Smart, will get back together. “He’s a great guy and she’s knows it. They just need a break right now,” says the insider, referring to Casper.

Nevertheless, you can never plan a relationship. If they grow to really like each other, maybe Drake and Lopez will become a serious couple. According to a source for People Magazine “She has nothing but nice things to say about Drake. They do work on music together, but are clearly enjoying each other on another level too. Jen loves the attention and she seems very happy to be spending time with him.”