Jesse Eisenberg and Anna Strout Welcome Their First Child

jesse eisenberg

Back in October of last year it was confirmed that Jesse Eisenberg was about to become a father soon. Although fans weren’t sure exactly when this was going to happen, it was now revealed that he already became a parent.

The famous actor was seen in New York City with his longtime girlfriend, Anna Strout, and his baby boy today. Although Jesse likes to keep his relationship with Anna private, he did mention before that Strout was the only woman for him. He adores the fact that she is extremely caring, which is evident, considering the work she does to help raise money for domestic violence shelters.

“I find people who want to help other people to be the most interesting. I come from a family of teachers, and my friends are teachers, often times in very difficult school situations. My job is so selfish and focused on my own vanity that I like to surround myself with people who are actually helping people throughout their day,” Jesse told Seventeen Magazine.

The two have dated from 2002 to 2012 before deciding to take a break. Nevertheless, they ultimately got back together before Jesse went to London to perform in The Spoils. They officially reunited in December 2015.