Jim Carrey Fires Back at Mother of Late Girlfriend over Her Wrongful Death Lawsuit

jim carrey cathriona

Jim Carrey has decided to fire back at the allegations the mother of Cathriona White, his late girlfriend, has made back in October. The famous actor was in an on and off relationship with Cathriona since 2012. White committed suicide last year, by overdosing on prescription medication.

White’s mother, Brigid Sweetman, decided to sue Carrey in October, claiming that he was responsible for her daughter’s death. Brigid also claims that the actor knowingly gave her daughter three sexually transmitted diseases without warning.

After remaining silent for the last two months, Carrey has finally filed papers in response to Brigid’s lawsuit. He called this lawsuit a shameful shakedown for money and accused Sweetman of trying to “profit from the suicide-death of her long-estranged daughter who chose to end her own life in 2015 on the third anniversary of her beloved father’s death.”

Carrey also notes that “the false, irrelevant and improper allegations were inserted for the sole purpose of harassing, embarrassing and humiliating Carrey in an effort to shame him into an unmerited settlement and should be stricken in their entirety.”

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The actor’s response notes that Jim and Cathriona met at a Guns N’ Roses concert in 2012 and kept dating until mid-2013, when White accused him of giving her STDs. Carrey denied this claim at the time, and still denies it. Cathriona then apologized for these accusations in 2014 and reached out to Jim in an attempt to rekindle their relationship. The two made up, and remained a couple until her death.

The famous actor notes that he did not illegally obtain or provide Cathriona the drugs that caused her death. The papers Carrey filed state that “Indeed, no facts whatsoever are alleged as to how Carrey purportedly furnished drugs to White and the Complaint merely parrots the conclusory language of the Drug Dealer Liability Act, alleging no facts at all.”

It’s important to note that White left two suicide notes to Jim, in which she referred to him as family and asked that he forgives her. She also tasked Carrey with dividing her possessions and making the funeral arrangements.