John Mayer gives Justin Bieber a thumbs up for cancelling his tour

Yesterday we told you that Justin Bieber had cancelled the remainder of his Purpose world tour, most likely due to exhaustion. And as you can imagine, many fans, or beliebers as they are more commonly known, were heartbroken by the news.

But John Mayer, of all people, was quick to come to the singer’s defence, after many fans expressed their disappointment and even annoyance on social media…

“When someone pulls remaining dates of a tour, it means they would have done real damage to themselves if they kept going,” John told his Twitter followers.

“We’ve lost so many great artists lately. I give Justin a thumbs up for realizing it was time to call it. You should too.”

Good for you, John Mayer! We love it when musicians come together to help each other out.

And it looks like Justin Bieber is already recuperating…

He was spotted enjoying a hike with model Audreyana Michelle over the weekend, which sounds like a great way to clear your head if you ask us!