Jordan Peele Becomes First Black Writer-Director With a $100 Million Movie Debut

jordan peele chelsea peretti

Despite being best known strictly for his comedy, Jordan Peele’s directorial debut also has a horror element to it. His new movie “Get Out” is described as scary, funny, and thought-provoking. “Get Out” represents yet another modestly-budgeted horror movie that managed to grab the attention of both critics and moviegoers.

The movie caught the attention of critics due to its interesting and racially charged plot. It debuted at the top spot on the domestic box office charts, bringing in around $30 million during its opening weekend.

Despite having a budget of only $4.5 million, the movie has managed to bring in more than $100 million after just three weeks. Because of this achievement, Peele is now recognized as the first African-American writer-director to earn more than $100 million with their debut film.

What’s great about the success of this movie is that its position on the box office didn’t significantly drop after the first week, which is what usually happens with horror films. After debuting at #1, the film fell only to the second spot during its second weekend. After the past weekend, it fell to the third spot.