Kanye West Deletes All of His Social Media Accounts

kanye west

Kanye West used to be pretty vocal about a lot of things on social media, but ever since he suffered a breakdown last November, it looks like he has decided to make quite a few life changes. The famous musician has suddenly deleted all of his social media accounts. While some fans are concerned that the rapper may still be in bad health, others feel like deleting his social media accounts will help him focus on the more important things in his life.

However, what’s surprising is that he decided to delete his Instagram and Twitter accounts on the day that he is set to debut his children’s clothing line with his wife, Kim Kardashian. Products from their new clothing line, The Kids Supply, will be available for purchase today, after being promoted on Kim’s social media accounts for months.

It looks like Kanye is not yet ready to go back into the spotlight. The rapper sparked concern after skipping the 2017 Met Gala, forcing his wife to show up alone for the first time in four years. Kanye skipping this event was especially surprising considering his love for fashion. However, Kim simply noted that the rapper is “taking some time out,” and that he chose to remain in LA with their children instead of attending the event.