Kanye West Meets With Donald Trump to Discuss Multicultural Issues

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Kanye West was recently hospitalized for dehydration and sleep deprivation, one day after a public meltdown on stage during one of his concerts. During this meltdown, Mr. West noted that if he voted, he would’ve voted for Trump. This statement angered and confused a lot of his fans and fellow celebrities.

Kanye West got out of the UCLA Medical Center on November 30th, and has since then kept a very low profile. However, it was clear that he decided to make some changes to his life, as movers were seen packing up his Calabasas studio.

Nevertheless, the famous musician managed to once again surprise his fans by showing up at the Trump Tower today to meet with the future president of the United States. Kanye arrived at the Trump Tower at around 9:13 a.m. and was seeing getting out of the elevator with Trump 40 minutes later.

The news reporters patiently waited for the two to emerge, after which they all asked questions regarding what they talked about. Trump replied by saying “life. We discussed life.” Trump then said that they’ve been friends for a long time and that Kanye is a good man. Mr. West didn’t bother answering any of the questions that the reports asked him, stating simply that “I’m just here to take a picture right now.” Before they parted ways, Donald told Kanye “So long, man. You take care of yourself. I’ll see you soon.”

Soon after their meeting, the famous musician got on Twitter to say that he wanted to meet with Trump in order to discuss multicultural issues. Some of the issues that he wanted to talk about included violence in Chicago, supporting teachers, and bullying. Kanye last tweet on the matter included a cryptic message that simply said “#2024”

Check out the tweets below.

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