Keke Palmer Love For Leonardo DiCaprio

Keke Palmer is out to prove that she is Leonardo DiCaprio’s biggest fan. The 23-year old actress and songwriter recently adorned herself in quirky outfits, on two separate occasions in New York City, sporting DiCaprio’s face. Most recently, Palmer was spotted wearing black leather pants, on December 18, which were covered all over, with several cutouts of a younger DiCaprio’s face. She also paired the pants with a matching crop top, which also had the word “Capulet” printed at the back.

Several observers have pointed out that the top could be a tribute to one of DiCaprio’s earlier films, “Romeo + Juliet”, where he plays the role of Romeo Montague, with Claire Dane fulfilling the role of Juliet Capulet. The film had been released in 1996, as an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s famed play. The pictures from her evening in NYC are also available on the star’s Instagram account.

Earlier on December 16, Palmer was also spotted at the V-Files store in Soho, wearing a tiny denim bikini and a mini skirt. The odd part about this appearance was the fact that it was the coldest day of the year and while others were shivering from the cold, Keke Palmer was out and about in the tiny, revealing outfit. Added to this, the bikini’s two triangles featured a photo of DiCaprio. Although the star did have a matching blue fur coat at hand, she decided to reveal the uniqueness of her new clothing, while bearing the icy temperature.

Reports also suggest that the clothing was designed by Namilia, the design duo based in Berlin. It should be noted here that Namilia is known for its pop-culture inspired and hypersexual clothing. Palmer’s aforementioned outfits are from the designers latest collections, titled: “You’re Just a Toy”, which also includes homage the President elect Donald Trump and Justin Bieber. Each of the two celebrities have been shown in compromising situations, on the clothing. Namilia’s website even shows an oversize hoodie, featuring former One Direction Star, Zayn Malik, being abducted by aliens.

One of the designers, Nan Li, revealed that the motivation behind the clothing was to express the power of fandom. She claimed that they took the issue of objectifying women and flipped it in a way to make men appear as sexual play things. Ms. Li even stated that they planned to turn it into a girl-gang collection, by making boys appear as mere decorations.