Kendall Jenner Fires Her Security Guard after Home Robbery

kendall jenner

Kendall decided that some changes to her security team were in order after her Hollywood Hills mansion got robbed on March 15. Apparently, the supermodel decided to fire one of her security guards.

She decided to do this because despite the fact the guard was stationed outside the house, an uninvited guest managed to get inside and steal $200,000 worth of jewelry from Kendall’s bedroom. The jewelry included a Cartier timepiece and a Rolex watch.

Some believe that the security guard may have been in on the robbery, but nothing is confirmed yet. However, it was found out that he wasn’t working for Jenner very long before the robbery occurred. According to TMZ, there was no forced entry into the home. The police came by the house later and reviewed the security footage, but didn’t seem to find anything significant.

The security guard that got fired got his job after Kendall’s stalked incident last year, when a trespasser appeared on her property and was waiting for her. Although she didn’t have to live through a traumatic experience like her half-sister Kim Kardashian, it’s still worth noting that this burglary occurred just several months after Kim’s Paris robbery.