Kim Kardashian “Can’t Trust Anyone” After Paris Robbery

kim kardashian

In a new preview of the upcoming episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” Kim talks about her Paris robbery and how she thought that the police would never find the culprits.

“I honestly never thought that they would catch the robbers. I just thought so much time has gone on, and I didn’t really realize how diligent the French police were being and all the hard work they were really putting into it. To find out that there were so many people involved, hearing detail after detail, really just opened up a whole different perspective for me of feeling safe,” Kim tells the cameras.

The reality TV star also opened up about not being able to trust anyone since the robbery. “Knowing that it’s a possibility that people close to me were involved makes me feel I can’t trust anyone, and that really sucks. This just opened up my eyes that this happens and there’s really bad people in this world. I can still live my life, but just on edge,” Kim says in the preview.

In the upcoming episode, the fans will also be able to see Kim’s reaction to hearing the news that the robbers were found. After finding out the good news, her older sister, Kourtney, asks her whether she is relieved that the robbers were caught. Kim responds by saying: “It definitely opened up my eyes to a whole different world that I can’t erase. I can’t go backwards. Life is always going to be different. Now I just have to be super aware of everything that I do and who I share it with, you know?”