Kim Kardashian defends putting daughter North West “in a corset”

Kim Kardashian has had quite a defensive week!

First, the reality TV star turned businesswoman was forced to deny that the “line of cocaine” seen in the background of one of her most recent selfies was in fact, according to her Twitter account, just a marble table.

And now, she has had to defend daughter North West’s latest outfit, which social media users have deemed “inappropriate”.

The outfit in question looked like it featured a corset – an item of clothing which is still, to this day, controversial for adults, let alone children.

But, keen to set the record straight and keep her four year old daughter out of a potential controversial media storm, Kim posted a video on Twitter showing the dress from all angles.

And as you can imagine, people may have got the wrong end of the stick…

“This dress I didn’t design, but I actually bought is not a corset,” she said.

“It’s just fabric on the front that looks like a corset.

“I think it’s really cute… It’s just fabric people – it’s not a real corset.”

So there you go. Kim and Kanye aren’t crushing their daughter’s organs and squeezing her into a corset just yet.

As you were.