Kim Kardashian Is Miserable Because Of Kanye West

Kim Kardashian Is Miserable Because Of Kanye West

Kim Kardashian is miserable because of Kanye West, though insiders say a divorce is not in the works. Instead, Kardashian is worried about how quickly West has resumed his active life after he was hospitalized.

West was admitted to hospital for a week, so that he could recuperate from sleep deprivation and exhaustion. He was released from UCLA Medical Center toward the end of last month. Instead of taking a rest after his hospitalization, West has hit the road running with his busy schedule, and Kardashian is not amused. Kardashian and West have spent little time together since West was discharged from the hospital, the People reports.

It turns out Kardashian wants West to rest because that would allow him to focus on his health. But West isn’t doing that, and that is the reason Kim Kardashian is miserable because of Kanye West. Since his release from the hospital, West has been spotted at the MOCA Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood. He has also been seen in Los Angeles.

Outpatient care

Although West has quickly resumed his busy schedule, he is still on outpatient care. That is said to be the reason the couple is staying apart. However, it is unclear how long the doctors would want West to remain under watch for outpatient care, and when the couple would reunite.

Divorce rumors

The matter of West and Kardashian staying apart bolstered rumors that the couple could be drifting toward a divorce. But insiders not only insist that Kardashian remains supportive for West despite being concerned about his quick return to active life, but they also say claims of marital dispute between the couple are false. The insiders add that it is normal for Kardashian and West to spend some time apart.

Kardashian Paris robbery

The reason for Kim Kardashian feeling miserable because of Kanye West could also be connected to worries over her October robbery ordeal in Paris. Unknown gunmen burst into Kardashian’s hotel room, gagged her and then tied her up before robbing her of jewelry worth about $11.5 million. Her diamond ring was among the items stolen from the star, the Bloomberg reported.

Kardashian wasn’t physically hurt, but she was badly shaken by the attack. Her bodyguard Pascal Duvier was away when the robbery happened. Speculations later swirled that Duvier may have been behind the attack given that the incident come only a few weeks after his company filed for bankruptcy. Kardashian-West parted ways with Duvier shortly after the robbery incident, according to a report on Us Weekly.