Kim Kardashian limo driver released without charges

Yesterday we told you that the limo driver Kim Kardashian used in Paris was arrested and questioned over his potential involvement in her robbery.

(Some reports claimed that the robbery could have been an inside job, with the limo driver allegedly informing the robbers of Kim’s whereabouts. Other reports, including a statement from the limousine company itself, are stating that the limo driver was simply brought in “for testimony purposes only”.)

Regardless of the reason, it doesn’t look like the police found anything suspicious, as the 27-year-old driver of the luxury limousine firm was released yesterday without any criminal charges.

So that’s one person off the list. Another 16 to go…

According to reports, the authorities arrested a total of 14 men and three women in connection with Kim Kardashian’s traumatic robbery that took place in October.

We’ll keep you posted and as when we have more info.