Kim Kardashian reveals first product of KKW Beauty… can you guess what it is?

We had a feeling that Kim Kardashian would let her fans into more details of her KKW Beauty line.

Just one day after posting three promo videos on Instagram, Kim has let us in on what the first item to drop from her new make-up collection will be.

It’s hardly surprising. Wait for it… it’s a cream based contour kit, complete with its very own dual ended brush for ultimate blending.

“I change my looks up all the time, but the one thing that’s consistent is contour,” Kim said, before hinting at what else we can expect from the make-up line in the future.

“Hopefully every month we’ll have a drop of another product,” she added.

“I’m focusing on skin, and the contouring, and concealer — and all my favourite things will be coming out soon.

“After 10 years of getting my make-up done every single day, you’d think that I would know a little bit about make-up.

“And so I really have put that knowledge into action and production.”

We have very high expectations for this KKW Beauty make-up line.