Kim Kardashian Says Blac Chyna Has “Hurtful” Motives for Dating Rob

kim kardashian paris robbery

In a new sneak peek from the upcoming episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim is seen taking her brother’s side in a fight with Blac Chyna. The fight they’re referring to took place right before Christmas, after Chyna took her and Rob’s daughter and moved out of the house.

After the fight, Kim decided to visit Rob in his home and check if he’s okay. Upon getting there, Rob explains: “I wanted people to know that I’m hurt and this is f–ked up. The fact that you say like in a year if he’s not getting his s–t together in year I’ma drop him. Like, who are you to say I’ma drop you?!”

“I’ve always been super cool with her like I have a different relationship with her than like, you know, what you guys have and with Kylie and I always hear her out and stuff, but like just seeing the motives is like what’s hurtful,” Kim then tells Rob.

In her confessional, Kim says that she’s “always felt like them as a couple just isn’t that healthy and I think they know that too. It’s not like some secret. Rob can be really irrational and he just has to learn to really take responsibility for himself and not blame Chyna. This just like all has to stop. It’s so clear what this relationship is and that they’re just not meant to be with each other.”