Kim Kardashian Speaks Out Against Caitlyn’s New Book

kim kardashian

During a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kim Kardashian revealed that she is very upset with Caitlyn Jenner because of certain things that she wrote in her new book “Secrets of My Life.”

“My heart breaks for my mom because I feel like she’s been through so much and Caitlyn is promoting this book and she’s saying all these things. I don’t think it’s necessary and I just feel like it’s unfair; things aren’t truthful. Kendall and Kylie, that’s their dad and I think my mom’s been so respectful for so long and always wanting Caitlyn around and always wanting to have a great relationship with Caitlyn,” the reality TV star said during her interview with Ellen.

In her memoir, Caitlyn notes that Kris Jenner was aware of her gender identity during their marriage and that she made Caitlyn suppress her true self.

Kim told Ellen that she will always love Caitlyn, but that she feels like there wasn’t any need for this book to be released. “I feel like it’s taken Caitlyn a really long time to be honest with herself, so I don’t expect her to be honest about my mom now. But it’s just so hurtful. I wish her all the success in the world, but not at our expense. That was my stepdad for so many years. She taught me about character and so much growing up and I just feel like I don’t respect the character that she’s showing now. Tell your story, but don’t bash other people. I just think it’s not, like, tasteful,” Kim added.