Kim Kardashian’s Chauffer Is Currently Being Held by the Authorities over Paris Robbery

kim kardashian dubai

Earlier today, it was reported that authorities have arrested 16 suspects in connection with Kim’s Paris robbery, which occurred on October 2nd. However, now it is believed that it was an inside job, as Kardashian’s chauffer may have passed on information about where she was staying to the criminals that committed the robbery.

As of now, a total of 17 people have been arrested in raids that happened across France. Many of the suspects are known for the crimes they committed previously. The oldest suspect currently being held in custody is a 72-year-old man. Among the suspects are three women. During the raid, nearly $150,000 in cash was found, along with multiple firearms.

According to Kardiashian’s French lawyer, Jean Veil, the reality TV star is “very happy, very satisfied and to a certain extent reassured by the efficiency of the French police.”

A police source informed Reuters that authorities are currently working on establishing a connection between Kim’s chauffeur and the gang that robbed her. However, they’re still unsure whether he actually revealed sensitive information about where Kim was staying to the robbers.

In a promo clip for the upcoming season of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”, Kim can be seen crying while telling her two sisters about her horrific Paris experience. “It makes me so upset to think about it,” she says in the promo video.