Kristen Stewart Reveals Why She Decided to Shave Her Head

kristen stewart shaved

During her recent appearance on the Today show, the famous actress opened up about her decision to shave off her brunette locks. After she revealed her new look, most of her fans were extremely shocked. However, the actress notes that the look is “practical” and that it will be easier to manage, especially during the filming of the upcoming movie Underwater.

In Underwater, Kristen portrays a mechanical engineer who works on an oil rig. She noted that “I’m not going to be able to have touch-ups once they put the helmet on my head.” Although one of the reasons behind this change was so it would be easier for her to manage her hair during filming, she noted that this was not required for the role. Nevertheless, when the director, William Eubank, suggested it, Kristen obliged.

During the interview, Steward said that she has wanted to do this for a long time and that it feels amazing. In fact, back in January 2014, she revealed that one of the things she wants to do before she dies is shave her head back. In the 2014 interview with Into the Gloss, Kristen said: “I’m definitely going to shave my head before I die. I will definitely tattoo my head while it’s shaved before my hair grows back. I’m not sure which part, probably the bottom quadrant in the back. I don’t know what the tattoo would be, yet. Still thinking.”

Photo source: ExtraTV