Kylie Jenner is being sued for plagiarism!

This definitely isn’t a good week for Kylie Jenner!

Earlier this week, we revealed that her Snapchat was hacked and the hacker threatened to leak nude pictures of her – not cool – and now she faces a pretty big lawsuit!

Kylie has been accused of copying a British artist’s “lip bite” artwork in some promotional images for her reality TV show, Life of Kylie.

Sara Pope, whose work can be seen all over the world, including art galleries the UK, Los Angeles, New York and Japan, says that the lip biting image used to promote Kylie’s new show is a direct copy of her “Temptation Neon” logo.

Sara Pope is in the process of suing Kylie Jenner herself, as well as NBC Universal (the parent company of E! which will be airing Life of Kylie).

In legal documents obtained by TMZ, Sara Pope says she created the lip biting picture – one of her most popular designs – back in 2015. Kylie’s people, as you can imagine, aren’t admitting to plagiarising the design…

Sources close to Kylie Jenner are claiming that she had nothing to do with the artwork, and insist that it was independently created by a third party.

We’ll let you know how things unfold.