Kylie Jenner’s latest eyeshadow palette “smells like death”

Uh-oh! It looks like people are seriously unhappy with Kylie Jenner’s latest eyeshadow palette.

The youngest member of the Kardashian/Jenner klan has released her Royal Peach Eyeshadow Palette under her highly successful Kylie Cosmetics brand, but it doesn’t seem to be the big hit we thought it would.

According to the many avid beauty fans who have already purchased it, the palette seems to have a very strong, overpowering smell of chemicals.

Fans have taken to YouTube to post videos entitled ‘EMERGENCY REVIEW! THE ROYAL PEACH PALETTE SMELLS LIKE DEATH!!’ and ‘Alert! Kylie Jenner’s – The Royal Peach Palette SMELLS!’.

They have also expressed their concerns on Twitter…

“i LOVE the colors in the royal peach pallete but jeez does it smell like chemicals”

“@kyliecosmetics why does the royal peach palette smell like death and bleach?”

“Got my @kyliecosmetics royal peach palette, opened it, and it smells so strong of chemicals and glue that it gave me an instant headache”

Not cool.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB – i.e. the people who make the products) have addressed the issue, and have concluded that “the smell was coming from the packaging’s glue.”

This means that the packaging is to blame, and the eyeshadows themselves are totally safe to use.

So good news for your eyes, bad news for your nose!

Is having the latest piece from the Kylie Jenner cosmetics range worth the headache? You tell us…