Lamar Odom Says He Wants Khloé Kardashian Back

lamar odom khloe kardashian

In early December 2016, Lamar Odom decided to check into rehab in order to focus on himself. He made the decision to go to rehab on his own, in order to avoid the chance of indulging in dangerous substances during the holidays.

He speaks about this whole experience in an in-depth interview for an upcoming episode of The Doctors, which is going to air on January 17. The episode is essentially going to be about how Lamar is rebuilding his life after almost dying from an overdose in 2015.

Upon checking himself into rehab, a source close to Khloé revealed that “Khloé knows that a lot is going to come up while he’s in group therapy, and she can’t stop thinking about what all these strangers are going to find out about her. Khloé is happy he’s getting help, but she’s scared about what the people who are listening to his story in group therapy will say once they leave.”

But it seems that Lamar probably didn’t reveal any secrets about the Kardashian family, seeing as how he noted that he just wants another shot with Khloé. In the episode of The Doctors that’s going to air next Tuesday, Lamar says that he wants his wife back.

However, it may be too late for the former NBA star to rekindle his relationship with Khloé, seeing as how the couple got legally divorced in December 2016. Additionally, Khloé has moved on with her life and is now dating Tristan Thompson.