Lena Dunham “rushed to hospital” shortly after arriving at the Met Gala

Shortly after walking the red carpet at Monday night’s Met Gala – and fulfilling her obligatory posing duties – Girls creator Lena Dunham was reportedly rushed to hospital.

“The actress had to leave the gala when she suffered a medical issue, but was thankfully released after a series of tests,” Page Six reported.

Although her reps have confirmed that the story is true and she is now out of hospital, they haven’t gone into any further detail.

It is currently unclear why the 30-year-old actress went to hospital, although it’s being speculated that it had something to do with her endometriosis…

Lena Dunham has made no secret of her battle with the condition, and has undergone surgery several times to try to improve it.

“My surgery went off without a hitch,” Lena wrote on her official website last month.

“Because of the unbelievable privilege of having thoughtful doctors, my body has been granted a reprieve. Pain and illness defined a time in my life.

“That doesn’t mean it can never return, but for now, once my sutures have been removed and my bruises have changed from blue to yellow to green to gone, I will be healthy.”

We’re glad that Lena was released a few hours after being admitted. We’re taking that as a good sign!