Mariah Carey’s Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame Gets Vandalized

mariah carey star vandalized

It seems that Mariah’s fans are really angry with the famous singer. Following her disastrous performance at Times Square for New Year’s Eve, Mariah started experiencing a lot of media backlash. However, it looks like people have taken their disappointment with the singer one step further, as TMZ recently reported that her Hollywood Walk of Fame star was vandalized over the weekend.

According to a photo obtained by TMZ, a question mark was sketched next to Mariah’s name. Nevertheless, it looks like the damage has already been cleaned up by the Hollywood Historic Trust, which is tasked with maintaining the stars. The police are currently reviewing surveillance footage in an attempt to find the person who vandalized the star. The Los Angeles Police Department may already have a lead, since someone claimed responsibility for the act of vandalism on Instagram.

Mariah’s incredibly successful music career is what led her to be inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2015. Many of her fans were frustrated when they saw the singer lip-synching on stage and being unable to perform some of her hit songs. However, the famous singer claims that her performance was sabotaged for higher ratings by Dick Clark Productions.

Photo source: TMZ