Mark Wahlberg Believes Celebrities Should Keep Quiet About Politics

Wahlberg spoke as he promoted his new movie, Patriots Day

Mark Wahlberg Believes Celebrities Should Keep Quiet About Politics

Mark Wahlberg, the famous actor who has been involved in music and is known to have appeared shirtless on a Times Square billboard has come out saying that most celebrities should not be commenting on the state of politics in America and politics in general.

Speaking at a luncheon in New York, Wahlberg told reporters that celebrities were particularly having an opinion about politics recently but truthfully, most of these people were out of touch with the ordinary guy out there.

Wahlberg said that the average Hollywood actor was out of touch with a guy who is trying to feed his family genuinely. He was talking about the number of celebrities which came out to denounce the now President-elect for the United States, Donald Trump. He continues to the day that people are not interested in what celebrities have to say about politics because they do not put food on the table for them.

Celebrities don’t know and understand how difficult it is for the workers to get what they get or to do what they do. According to Wahlberg, most of the Hollywood crowd live in a bubble and everything that happens in the world is oblivious to them. Wahlberg notes that for him it is easy because he comes from the real world and understands the happenings of the world even though he appreciates the movie industry for what it has given him.

Wahlberg was speaking at the luncheon as he continues promoting his new movie, Patriots Day. The movie is dubbed a terrorist drama, and it is according to Wahlberg part of three part movie which he has been shooting with a man he deems his brother, director Peter Berg. The other two movies he has made with him are Deepwater Horizon 2016, and Lone Survivor which was released in 2013.

All three of the movies are based on real-life events and they show how ordinary people acted as heroes when faced with life threatening situations. Wahlberg also said that the two individuals were working on another project together, which he declined to comment on, but said that further details would be made available before the end of the year.

The Patriots Day movie focuses on the events which took place during the 2013 terrorist bombing of the 2013 Boston Marathon. The bombing incident left 3 people dead and a campus police officer. Wahlberg stars as a police sergeant called Tommy Saunders and had a bad knee with something to prove in the process. Sgt Saunders was assigned to the Boston Marathon finish line, where the worst domestic terror attacks since 9/11.

The character of Tommy Saunders is a fictional character, even though Berg and his fellow filmmakers went to great lengths to make sure that another aspect of the movie was about the events which happened during that day.