Meet the Markles! Meghan Markle’s life is being made into a reality TV series

Who needs the Kardashians when we have a soon-to-be Princess?

If we are to believe the numerous reports that have been doing the rounds this morning, Meghan Markle’s life – including how she met Prince Harry – will be exposed in an upcoming TV series to premiere on UK Channel 4 before hopefully heading to other channels around the world.

“Meghan is a hot topic right now and everyone is interested in her,” a source reportedly told The Sun.

“Channel 4 are going to go deeper into her past than anyone before.

“They want to discover new things about her family. It could be dramatic.

Meet the Markles will be made by the same team who make BBC1’s ancestry show Who Do You Think You Are?, and is said to feature candid interviews from some of Meghan’s closest friends and family members.

“The film also considers her possible future role in the royal family,” the source added, before stating that her former marriage to film and television producer Trevor Engleson, who she divorced in 2013, may also be explored in the TV series.

Filming has already begun for the show, although there is currently no word on when it will air.

We’ll keep you posted!