Melania Trump criticised for wearing stilettos to meet Texas flood victims

We’re pleased to see President Donald Trump and the First Lady leave the comfort of the White House to help the flood victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

And while a lot of other people shared our delight, others seemed fare more fixated the First Lady. In particular, her shoes.

Melania Trump wore a pair of exceptionally high snakeskin stiletto pumps, and although no one was questioning their fabulous-ness, the internet seemed to think they were a tad inappropriate given the situation. I.e. they were visiting an area with dangerous, waist-high floods, and meeting with people who had evacuated and most likely lost their homes.

Twitter users obviously wasted no time in questioning and even mocking the First Lady’s “insensitive” outfit choice…


“#morningjoe I’m sure last thing weary, hungry, barefoot Harvey victims need 2C is Melania in her designer “flood” outfit drinking a Red Bull”


“Melania headed to a disaster zone in stilettos is my Halloween costume.”


“Melania. Is. Wearing. Six. Inch. Stiletto. Heels. To. Visit. A. Disaster. Zone.

These. People. Just….These. People.”


“Someone tell Melania she might want a pair of rain boots.”


“I wouldn’t normally comment on Melania’s shoes but I’m not sure if this is what you wear to go meet ppl who’ve lost all of their belongings”

Melania Trump clearly took the criticism on board, and changed her outfit on board the plane. She changed into a white windbreaker and Adidas sneakers when got off the plane to meet Texas governor, Greg Abbott.

Thank God for private planes and the luxury of packing multiple outfits!