Melania Trump goes through TWO confusing outfit changes while decorating the White House Christmas tree

Let’s end the week on some light-hearted news. And what could be better than looking at Melania Trump decorating her Christmas tree in not one but two outfits?

Melania Trump decorating the tree was the Thanksgiving gift that kept on giving, as she documented it in detail on Twitter!

The First Lady has faced some criticism for her outfit choices this year – remember when she wore sky-high stilettos to meet the Texas flood victims? – and her Christmas tree decorating outfits have also made the internet rather confused as well…

Mrs Trump’s first outfit choice, which she debuted while the tree was being delivered, consisted of simple trousers, knee high boots and a jumper in a festive shade of red and a black coat draped over her shoulders.  So far, so good – although there were a few questions raised about why she felt the need to wear a coat indoors.

She then mixed things up and changed into to a pale pink dress with capped sleeves, and accessorised with a formal coat in a matching colour – again, draped over shoulders, or “shrobing” to use the technical term.

As shrobing allows for very little upper body movement (you try lifting your arms up while draping your coat over your shoulders – seemingly impossible for it to stay on, right?) the internet did wonder how the First Lady was able to get stuck in and decorate the tree effectively.

Maybe we need to just suspend our disbelief and appreciate the pictures for what they are…